Ken Reynolds
My dad was my first teacher. He made sure I had a good classical foundation and he was determined to teach me how to play chords and chord progressions so that I could play much of the modern music I loved.

I enjoyed playing the piano so much that I wound up majoring in music at Wheaton College. I have been working in the professional music world ever since and I recently released a solo piano album called Perfect Peace.

Over the years, I’ve talked to parents who didn’t sign their kids up for piano lessons because they were afraid they would get bored. Unfortunately, this is a reality with some teachers, but not this one!

Here are just a few characteristics of my students:

  • They’re not clock-watchers. They don’t count down the seconds to when their practice session or lesson is over.
  • They happily walk (or run) to the piano throughout the day.
  • Practice isn’t “practice” to them. It’s FUN. It’s recreation that brings a smile to their face.
  • Their music is more beautiful, dynamic, and moving than someone who is robotically practicing to put a check mark on their daily to-do list.

If this sounds good to you, feel free to contact me at ken@reynoldspiano.com or call me at 704.560.8348 to reserve your free introductory lesson.

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“Our daughter has progressed very well in her piano class with Ken.  The ability to learn online has been very valuable due to the fact that our family resides in Asia. We would highly recommend Ken to anyone who is looking for a good experience learning the piano.”

Dustin B.



My teaching strategy has 4 parts. I believe that my students should focus on all
4 of these in order to become well-rounded musicians. To ensure that this happens, I have integrated them into my teaching through a series of tracks.

Ken Reynolds


No matter what style a student winds up playing the most, he or she must be proficient in classical foundational skills. All my students learn to read notes on the treble and bass clefs, read rhythms, play major, minor, and chromatic scales in both hands, arpeggios, and sight reading.
Ken Reynolds


Music theory is the study of the practices and possibilities of music. A student who understands theory will have a much deeper appreciation of the pieces they play. Students who study music theory learn to play their pieces more quickly because they can recognize the overall function and direction of the music.
Ken Reynolds


Chords are present in classical music but often not identified by those who teach it. Ironically, most of today’s music is written with chord progressions. I have been playing chords for 30 years, and I pass on that knowledge and skill to my students, enabling them to play many different styles.
Ken Reynolds


I believe that every student has the ability to write music. Contrary to what many people think, songwriting is a craft that can be refined. I’ve written music for concert band, congregational worship, musical productions, jazz combos, brass quintet, and solo piano. I enjoy working with my students on their musical pieces.

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