Why take piano lessons?

Studying privately has proven to help students in many other areas of development. Here are just a few!

1. Improved academic skills.

2. Refined discipline and patience.

3. Boosted self-esteem.

4. Developed long-term cognitive benefits.

5. Strengthened social skills.

Why I teach individual lessons?

Taking individual lessons means that you have the teacher’s full attention. This is something a teacher can’t do in a group setting. One-on-one lessons also allow for the instructor to move at a pace that helps you learn best. This means that you don’t have to wait for someone who is taking longer to learn the same things.

Why I teach online piano lessons?

If your family is anything like mine, you may be considering getting your taxi license. At least you would get paid for all that driving! Learning the piano offers a number of benefits.

1. Take lessons without leaving your home.

2. Record your sessions to remember what your teacher said.

3. Studying piano online is less intimidating than in person.

How do online lessons work?

1. Fill out a registration form.

2. Wait to be contacted by Ken.

3. Enjoy a complimentary lesson.

4. Pay for your first 5 or 10 lessons. Pay for 10 lessons and get a 10% discount.

5. Start taking lessons and sharpening your skills.

You will need 3 things to study piano online: a piano/keyboard, a strong internet connection, and a computer or tablet with a webcam. Still have questions? Check out my FAQ page.

What are tracks and how do they maximize piano instruction?

Tracks are simply pathways that give students the option of customizing their piano lessons to best fit their skill set and future musical endeavors. Each track is made up of modules to help motivate and bring clarity to the learning process. 

There are 4 unique tracks: Classical Piano, Chords, Songwriting, and Advanced Music Theory. For more information on tracks, click here

How do I schedule a free introductory lesson?
Click here to set up your free lesson. I will get in touch with you shortly.
For more information, contact me by phone at:


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