What is an online lesson and how does it work?
Online lessons are “live” lessons. The teacher and the student interact via Skype just like they would in a studio lesson. 
What are the benefits of taking online piano lessons.
  • Without question, taking lessons online is a huge convenience! You don’t have to worry about traffic jams or bad weather.
  • Your lessons will be recorded. Each student gets a login and access to their video files. Can’t remember what I said about a certain piece? Pull up your lesson and refresh your memory.
  • A study done by the American Journal of Distance Education discovered that students who took lessons online made better use of their time while they were interacting with their instructor.
  • Students were found to have increased concentration, better memory function, a greater amount of motor skill dexterity, and a number of other long-term cognitive benefits.
What are tracks and how do they maximize piano instruction?
Tracks are simply pathways that give students the option of customizing their piano lessons to best fit their skill set and future musical endeavors. Each track is made up of modules to help motivate and bring clarity to the learning process.

There are 4 unique tracks: Classical Piano, Chords, Songwriting, and Advanced Music Theory. For more information on tracks, click here.

How quickly can I get started with lessons?
I usually am able to get you started within a week of signing up.
What do I do when I am unable to make a lesson?
Please contact me at 704.560.8348 or ken@reynoldspiano.com as soon as possible. If you let me know within 24 hours of your lesson time, I will work with you to schedule a makeup lesson.
What timezone do you live in?
I live in the Eastern timezone. No worries if you live in a different part of the country or world. It shouldn’t be a problem.
What happens when a student cannot have their lesson due to a bad internet connection?
If an unstable Internet connection was the cause of your being unable to have a meaningful lesson, we will arrange for you to have a replacement session.

In the event that you decide to decline this, we will refund the cost of the lesson for you. However, it is advised that all students take responsibility for the functionality their personal hardware and software.



How much do lessons cost?

Your first lesson is on me!

After you have had your first lesson, you will have a choice to pay for 5, 10, 15, or 20 lessons at a time. If you choose to pay by 10, you will receive a 10% discount. Purchase more than 10 and get a 20% discount. 

Piano lessons cost $28 for a 30-minute lesson, $42 for a 45-minute lesson and $50 for a 60-minute lesson.

Where do I go to pay for my lessons?
Payment for lessons can be made by clicking here.
Where can I find your lesson policies?
You can read them by clicking here.


What software do you use for your lessons?
I use Skype.
How much does Skype cost?
Skype is free.
Where do I go to download it?
You can download it by clicking here.
How do I get Skype set up on my device?
Here is a simple instructional video that will help you.
What equipment do I need to have online lessons?
  1. Computer or tablet.
  2. Webcam (if your device doesn’t already have one).
  3. Internet connection (500kbps or higher). Not sure? Click here to test your speed.
What things can I do to enhance my Skype audio and video?
  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Skype.
  2. Close down any other programs running on your computer.
  3. Wear a pair of headphones.
  4. Adjust your lighting so that you have light shining on your face. Avoid bright lights behind you.
  5. Make sure you don’t have anything in motion behind you such as people walking (public space).
  6. Adjust your webcam video settings.


What is Skype Heartbeat?
Before you do any troubleshooting, you should check if Skype itself is having issues. If you can’t connect or use a specific Skype feature, check the Skype Heartbeat page.

You can access this by clicking the Help menu in Skype and selecting Heartbeat (Skype Status). Or, visit the Heartbeat page directly in your browser.

What should I check when Skype will not connect to the internet?
  1. Start by checking to see if your internet connection is working.The easiest way to do this is to open your browser on the computer you are using for Skype and pull up some popular websites such as Google, Facebook or Fox News. If you can get around on the web, you don’t have an internet problem.
  2. If you can’t connect to any websites, there are a number of things you can check. Here’s a great article from Livewire to help you.
Why can the person on the other end hear me but not see me?
Make sure your camera is installed, plugged into your computer, and turned on.

If you’re using an external camera and you’re having problems with video, try plugging it into a different USB port. If you’re using a USB hub, try plugging it directly into your computer.

Why can the person on the other end see me but not hear me?
Check that Skype is using the correct microphone. In the main menu select Tools > Options > Audio Settings and look to see if the correct microphone is selected from the drop-down list.
How do I fix my choppy video?
Here is a good article to help you with this.